I'm Matthew Fine.

Artistic Statement

I have been making sculpture since 1983 when I took a class as a college freshman. I had been searching for a form of artistic expression and was immediately taken by the pairing of both physical and mental. For over half my life, I have used materials to learn about myself. These discoveries and explorations have allowed me to learn about my impulses as an artist and as a person. The dialogue with sculpture has become the one constant in my life that always reminds me of who I am, where I have been and luckily all the endless possibilities that remain.

As a successful businessperson outside of art, my motivations for making work get to be removed from financial concerns though I do successfully sell my work. I seek to push myself, always trying to further an idea as opposed to repeating something for the marketplace. The gift I give myself is the opportunity to learn. Sculpture for me is a chance to realize truths about who I am at a moment in time. Reflecting back on older work is like reading a diary. I get to see who I was at that time. As a mature artist I now realize I am nurtured by my work physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Matthew D. Fine

Virginia Beach, Virginia
December 25, 1963

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